Case Studies


An antiquities dealer saw the opportunity to connect his ancient pieces with international collectors, but he needed an expert to handle the expansion.

Elder-Marini Group worked closely with the dealer to re-brand the business and launch a marketing campaign, meeting on the client’s behalf with businesses throughout the Middle East, Malaysia, New York, Switzerland, and London.

We expanded the dealer’s online presence to connect with an eager network of buyers, and from the first week of the site’s launch our client reported increased sales and interest both locally and abroad.

Our goal was to communicate an excellent understanding of the specialty antiquities market to a targeted audience, so when the client proposed a joint venture we saw an opportunity of our own. The rest is current history.


Global commerce means building relationships in foreign markets.

One of the largest food manufacturers in the Middle East asked Elder-Marini Group to provide translational and cultural expertise at international trade shows. We preserved the look and feel of the company’s products while catering to diverse regions and buyers with distinct needs.

The next phase involved extensive work with the U.S. government’s Food and Drug Administration for approval of the client’s products into the American market. All of the company’s labels were edited and standardized to the highest standards of product safety, ensuring a smooth transition to the U.S. consumer.

Our own relationship with the manufacturer continues today with work on sensitive projects with continuing results.