Business Expansion


Executed Expansion Strategies

The Middle East affords unique opportunities to firms seeking new markets. However, the region’s complex cultures and bureaucracies can be considerable hurdles to expansion. Elder-Marini’s management possesses intimate knowledge of local business practices which translate into executable strategies and tactics to give firms the edge they need to understand the legal, cultural, and professional concerns of the regional marketplace.

Emerging Markets

We help companies overcome the obstacles that are faced in any new market. While tackling these challenges, we assist in finding less than obvious opportunities. The Middle East has one of the most untapped and under-serviced markets globally. We connect products and services for companies in already saturated markets looking for expansion territories. Too many companies overlook the potential in emerging markets market out of fear and unfamiliarity. We enable our clients to undrstand those risks, solve them and expand their reach to new segments of the market.

Areas of Focus

Most businesses start small and stay small. We recognize that a well-run company has the potential to become a fully-thriving large business. Working directly with C-level and senior management we develop measurable implementation plans and coordinate the resources needed to achieve results. Areas such as market segmentation, business development, alternative sales channels, establishing proper locations, retail and service offerings, expanding market awareness are fully examined to frame the most suitable business expansion strategy.

A New Partnership

We invite you to contact us to discuss your business objectives and look forward to working with you on delivering strong, consistent performance.