Company Ambassador

For expanding businesses, successfully transitioning to a new culture means preventing the subtle misconceptions that can arise from cultural sensitivities.

Elder-Marini’s Company Ambassador service provides individual guidance for CEOs and high-level managers who require clear and experienced communication with regional business leaders.

Additionally, the Middle East’s enterprising markets contain vast potential in political and economic contexts that are rapidly changing. Company Ambassadors understand the changing landscape and work closely with local businesses to provide your firm with comprehensive reports on real-time events before they unfold.

Business Intermediary

Elder-Marini Group’s business intermediary services offer professional oversight of:

  • large-scale product implementation
  • financial transactions
  • corporate planning
  • market strategy

In addition to language services, our business intermediaries provide executive support for travel, research and logistical needs.

Elder-Marini Group’s business intermediaries are also available to act as ambassadors on behalf of companies who wish to create a presence in the Middle East, North Africa or Asia and cut through the barriers of this dynamic region.

If your company has the desire to expand yet lacks personnel with a background in the region’s culture, our ambassadors can be your immediate representation for meetings, conventions, or trade events.


Elder-Marini Group works on the assumption that experience trumps theory. Too often, large consultancy groups view developing markets from the outside, leaving large gaps in their overall analysis.

We give our clients the full picture by working and living among the region’s business community. By careful study from within, we create a clear and honest picture of on-the-ground realities.