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Your company has everything to offer the world, but does it translate across cultures?

Need a Company Ambassador?

Fluency in a global market provides your business with the opportunity to grow, to be heard, to reach audiences you didn’t know you had. Whether serving as a business intermediary or as a consultancy agency, let Elder-Marini Group be the bridge between your company and your clients.

We offer business intermediary services.

Why Us?

Elder-Marini Group utilizes professionals whose experience in transnational industries allows for an extensive grasp of corporate culture across the globe.

We provide insight beyond the impersonal reports and limited services of other advisory services through our established presence in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Elder-Marini Group has coordinated with businesses to cultivate a strong regional network of corporate clients. We provide access for businesses and individuals who wish to seek further cooperation with local business leaders and enter growing industries.

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Delivering Results At The Speed Of Business

An antiquities dealer saw the opportunity to connect his ancient pieces with international collectors, but he needed an expert to handle the expansion.

Elder-Marini Group worked closely with the dealer to re-brand the business and launch a marketing campaign, meeting on the client’s behalf with businesses throughout the Middle East, Malaysia, New York, Switzerland, and London.

We expanded the dealer’s online presence to connect with an eager network of buyers, and from the first week of the site’s launch our client reported increased sales and interest both locally and abroad.

Our goal was to communicate an excellent understanding of the specialty antiquities market to a targeted audience, so when the client proposed a joint venture we saw an opportunity of our own. The rest is current history.

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