As part of our commitment to the region’s business environment, Elder-Marini (EM) has established a fund aimed at talented entrepreneurs, start-ups or family businesses that have the proven potential for growth in local or global markets. This investment strengthens our working relationship with our clients by positioning EM as an equity stakeholders and giving us the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment focusing on achieving milestones and sustainable growth.

Our Investments

While any company or individual is welcome to contact us, we are looking for potential investments in the fields of:

  • Education
  • Software and App development
  • Consumer Technology
  • Digital Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Franchising


Too many investors are simply unaware of the micro and macro level business concerns in emerging markets. Most ventures fail to account for professional issues that can derail projects before they begin. Providing strength and support with practical strategic counsel at an early stage enables new companies to focus on product building and the focus they need to market ready their products or services.

Elder-Marini’s intimate knowledge of local markets provides our equity-funded clients with a targeted strategy that identifies milestones and creates the conditions for long-term growth.

Potential Investee Partners

We are looking for companies who have demonstrated expertise in the areas mentioned above. Elder-Marini provides business planning, mentoring, due diligence, funding and networking for our partners while building a long-term business model. It is our belief that ethical and visionary investments allow individuals to inspire their communities and play a crucial role in raising living standards.

Application Process

We ask potential partners to send us a brief summary of their product, service or idea. All inquires are followed up with one of our business development managers and a face-to-face meeting is scheduled. Our managers are able to meet potential clients anywhere in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.