How We Do It

At Elder-Marini, we are masters of the essentials. Marketing and business development strategy, a dynamic web presence, strategic alliance building, and contract negotiation, among other areas, are all critical building blocks of modern commerce. Elder-Marini’s professionals in each of these areas provide services at the intersection of the global marketplace and the Middle East’s emerging and complex economies.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach includes cultural training, language and translation services, and design and branding—all done through our in-house staff that are professionally trained and have extensive experience in local markets.

Challenges and Solutions

Most expansion strategies fail to account for cultural sensitivity. In the Middle East, Africa and Asia, not only are there cultural differences in particular regions, but also in cities, towns and even neighborhoods. One miscalculation in advertisement, sales approach, and product offering can have great ramifications and create devastating setbacks. We ensure that every market has been understood and thoroughly studied. We work with business and community leaders, educators, and the local population to give us a better insight of what products and services are needed and the best approach to introduce these products.

The Next Step

Your product and service has a place in the global marketplace, let us help you position your company in a new exciting segment. Competitiveness indicates a healthy demand. With the correct approach, your company could be part of a growing and dynamic overseas market.