Amateur Hour is Over in the Middle East

The Middle East is rife with the entrepreneurial spirit, but as a recent New York Times DealBook article makes clear, the region’s culture and politics present unique hurdles for small businesses of all industries. How does a new business owner make the right decisions in order to get the most out of their investments? And more importantly, how does one even reach out to willing investors?

Elder-Marini Group wants to educate small business owners in the fundamentals of doing business in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. This broad region is filled with talent, but as the DealBook article states, “the fund-raising process is largely informal and unstructured.”

We provide the immediate experience it takes to get your business on track from the start while offering long-term advisory in order to navigate the strict bureaucracies of the region’s diverse governments and cultures.

As local industries continue to mature and evolve through the help of social networking and increased connectivity, having a formalized, structured business will mean the difference between unbounded success and the same old thing. Elder-Marini Group is at the forefront of these new industries in order to ready your business today for a more successful tomorrow.