Tidying up for Tech Giants

Why should Google’s recent Ebda2 project to cultivate young talent in Egypt elicit an article in none other than the New York Times? The answer is that the Middle East and Northern Africa’s tech industry has grown so quickly, and with comparatively minor investments, that it now represents a major opportunity to discover industry-changing entrepreneurs.

The constant theme of the many start-ups that are fueling the region’s tech boom is one of fluency—a fluency that resonates both in the local universities as well as in the boardrooms of Silicon Valley. This is seen in ventures such as PlugandPlayEgypt.com, Tahrir2, and Maktoob.com, which was recently sold to Yahoo for $175 million in 2009.

And while having a successful tech startup requires ingenuity, hard work, and strong training, communicating your ideas and business models to an Internet audience requires an understanding of the global language of business.

Elder-Marini Group works closely with small businesses in order to ready their potential for the global stage. We understand that in a crowded marketplace, your ideas require a strong, clear voice to reach the right investor. But as Samih Toukan, the founder of Maktoob.com, makes clear, there’s more at stake than simple website creation: “Small entrepreneurial ventures will help create the ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors in tech, which will lead to more jobs.”

If your idea’s ready, then so are we.