Doha 2020: The bidding war for the Olympics races on

Qatar submitted its bid for the 2020 Olympics yesterday, a momentous occasion – given that this could be the first time the Olympics will be hosted in the Middle East. The event is proposed to take place in the capital city of Doha, which Noora Al Mannai, CEO of Doha 2020 says “offers a gateway to a region buzzing with the energy of millions of young aspiring athletes and eager spectators.”

Doha unveiled its campaign last week, and not surprisingly the branding had a very Middle Eastern aesthetic. Inspired by the Arabic word for Doha – ‘ad-dawha’ – which translates to ‘the nurturing tree’; the symbol of a tree was chosen to “reflect the uniqueness of Doha as a city,” says the campaign’s vice chairperson Sheikha Al Mayassa.

The logo design alludes to traditional Arabic calligraphy, evident in the flourish of the tops of the ‘d’ and ‘h’ in Doha – or in the way the gestural strokes of the tree branches fit together to form one image. Although tradition served as inspiration for the logo, the designer clearly used a more graphic aesthetic to harness the contemporary polish of Doha, as seen in the bold color palette and simplified forms.

The bid slogan, “Inspiring Change”, was aptly chosen because it reflects both the events of the past year in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the region’s bright future. The Doha 2020 campaign wishes “to inspire more people across the region to play sports – in particular girls and women – and to embrace the values of Olympism,” says Shiek Al Mayassa.

This is a time of growth and expansion for the Middle East, which has taken massive strides into the modern world in recent years. The skyline of Doha is glistening and futuristic – one can only imagine how it would be transformed with the addition of an Olympic stadium. Elder-Marini Group understands that design plays a large roll in the race for the 2020 Olympics, and we have the skills and know how to give your company a logo that speaks volumes about who you are as a brand.