Elder-Marini Group Announces New Design Services

Elder-Marini is proud to announce that we will now be offering a variety of graphic design services to meet all of your visual needs. These services include logo design and branding, website design, and print design.

Logos & Branding

A cohesive visual identity gives your company a sense of order, organization, and professionalism, both internally and externally. Whether it is a logo, stationary, or merchandise, we will provide your brand with a memorable, unified design.

Web Design

An easily usable and well designed website is one of the greatest assets to your company. It serves as a window into your business and informs prospective clients of your services or products, as well as providing your company with a personality. It is essential for communication, and allows clients to find you and contact you.

Print Design

Print media such as brochures, package design, magazine ads, billboards, etc… are essential for advertising to your clientele. Print reaches out to and informs your customers of your business in a way that is tangible and effective.