The Brand is in the Details

A company’s brand is similar to the way you dress: a crisp logo and precise grammar reflect the competence of your business in the same way that an ironed shirt and pressed trousers broadcast a message of responsibility and professionalism. So when a recent competitor put out a press release about their own branding efforts in the Middle East, we were stunned to see their logo was merely a repurposed stock image touched up with a worn-out Photoshop filter. Such a glaring lack of consideration for his or her own business begs the question: if you lack such utter originality with your logo, how are you ever going to create something unique and outstanding for your client?

What’s more, having a stock image for a logo is the equivalent of wearing faded jeans and a dirty t-shirt to work. The lack of awareness on their part is simply stunning, and that blasé attitude translates directly to the quality of the services they provide, or really the lack thereof. And why should potential clients expect any less? We point this out because at Elder-Marini Group, we strive to provide services that we would feel proud to present as our own. That’s because how you present the materials is as important as the substance, and we work on the assumption that both must always be to the highest standards across language barriers and international borders. Trusting your business to the amateur in old jeans might save you money in the short-term, but to compete globally you’ll need the long-term quality of a polished enterprise, and that’s why Elder-Marini’s experts are here to help.