A Little Bit of Seattle, A Whole Lot of Japan

There are many things to learn from a company as successful as Starbucks, coffee-roasting being chiefly among them. But what caught our eye recently was something that had very little to do with the actual taste of their roasts. In Japan, there’s a Starbucks so cool that at first glance it’s hard to believe it has anything to do with the brand’s cozy Seattle-based look. Inside the Starbucks in the Japanese city of Dazaifu, the green and white logo remains the same, but otherwise the interior blends effortlessly with the razor sharp hipness found throughout the island nation.

Starbucks global presence is a testament to their strong business fundamentals, with its high-end coffee at the core of its success. But equally important has been Starbucks’ efforts to adapt to different cultures throughout the world. A perfect example is their store in Dazaifu.

At Elder-Marini, we admire Starbucks’ intelligent growth, and know that different cultures call for different solutions. Tellingly, Starbucks is not yet the dominant player in the Middle East, and that has a lot to do with the region’s complex business and social culture.

That’s where we come in. The burgeoning markets of the Middle East, Asia and North Africa are weighted with a diverse set of cultures and values that can quickly cause problems for international companies. Elder-Marini Group understands what it takes to retain the essence of your company while integrating your products and/or services as seamlessly as possible into the local business community. This is what we strive for, and we do it every day.